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About me 

& My family

I'm a dad, husband and musician. I live with my little boy Harry and wife Natalie. Harry is at such a lovely age and is so playful, smiley and fun.


It's great having lots of time to watch him grow and be at home with my family. Harry loves seeing his grandparents, playing with his train and when we say choo-choo!


I'm the owner of Chock-A-Block Entertainment, a talent agency based in the North west, dedicated to providing top quality performers for weddings, events and festivals.

Grandads birthday 2020
Harry & Lily - Christmas 2019
Harry’s first Christmas 2019
Harry's first week - 17th July 19

When did you learn to play guitar?


I started playing guitar at around the age of 17, i would learn to play the chords of my favourite songs so i could sing along. 

What motivated you to become a musician?


My brother opened D.O.A studios, a rehearsal space for original bands and covers bands to practice in. Working at D.O.A I got the opportunity to meet and listen to lots of amazing musicians. My brother also helped organise lots of events with his business partner and sound engineer Andy Dawson and to earn extra cash i would carry large speakers into venues, sell tickets on the door and then watch the bands perform live.

When did you decide to become a full time musician?


The last few years have been amazing with the support from venues and feedback of people enjoying hearing me play. I got married, bought a new home, had a little boy and the plan is to gig at the weekends performing at weddings, parties and venues and then to look after my boy during the week.

What do you offer to couples looking to get married?

I have experience working with couples to choose the perfect music for their wedding day and can take the stress out of the planning. I'm professional, friendly and have lots of experience entertaining at weddings, parties and events. 

Luke McColl

Acoustic Singer & Guitarist North West, Bolton

Chock-A-Block Entertainment - North west talent agency

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