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A little something... for the venues that frequently book me.


I've thought of a way to offer a discount to the venues that book me consistently.

Everyone is affected by COVID and it's hard to keep track of which guidelines we should be following from moment to moment.

However it has been extremely difficult for the hospitality sector, bars/pubs & restaurants to forecast the arrival of extra restrictions. With some of the most rigorous rules the impact on earnings has been enormous.

I want to offer a discount to the loyal venues that book me to play and entertain their customers. I want it to be fair for other performers and venues and work towards building a top quality entertainment industry.

Most venue/pub owners feel apologetic when asking for a reduction in fees. However in the current climate with limited opening hours, limited seating, social distancing, support bubbles, the rule of 6, restrictive performing conditions and a massive worldwide pandemic going on, I consider it only fair to support the hospitality industry by offering a discount and a great offer!


More details to follow.

I'm currently looking through how it will work and contacting venue owners that have supported me to see how it can work for them!

Get in touch, if you are interested in booking me to play at your venue.

Message if you just want information about how other venues/pubs putting on live music and are working with the restrictions.

Thankyou for reading my blog post.

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