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How are you getting gigs? Post Lockdown...

Hi, How are you? I’ve had a few messages asking how I’m managing to book gigs post lock-down and the short answer is it’s a lot more difficult now! It's an uncertain time for us self employed performers and I thought it would make a good blog post to share some strategies on finding bookings and pass on some advice that can help you too.

I wanted to write this blog post for musicians and performers who are already gigging and want some advice on how to get new bookings, find the tips below this picture.

If you‘re just starting out I've written a blog aimed at helping you to get going and you can find that here.

What can I be doing to find gigs and get new bookings?

  1. Read over the government guidelines so you know what’s allowed and work out how your performance can fit within these guidelines. Don’t believe everything you read on a Facebook page, find out for yourself!

  2. Contact venues you've already played at - they know you. Their audiences already love you and you can speak directly to the owner to work out the best way to play for their customers safely.

  3. Send over a video that promotes your performance in a way that is currently allowed under the new guidelines. In my experience this should be more chilled but still show a good performance.

  4. Offer advice to bar/pub/venue owners who are unsure about the rules for the performing arts and signpost them to the government guidelines to make them confident they can run & promote successful and safe events.

  5. Look on the event section of Facebook for venues who are currently putting on gigs for other performers and ask them to consider you for a gig.

  6. Look on Facebook page groups. Some owners have started to ask for musicians and will ask for a promo video or live recording for you to be considered for a gig with them.

  7. Speak to other musicians/performers in your area. They will already have done most of the steps on this list to find gigs as part of their usual working routine.

  8. Contact an agency to help find you gigs, send your availability, usual fee and promo video.

  9. Be professional online, your FB business page, your personal FB page and the general comments you make online to others will be seen by other performers and venue owners.

  10. Go above and beyond for the venue, give a top quality performance, help make it run Covid secure and when you've done a good job, ask for another gig and add it to your gig list!

Useful Links -

Government Guidelines for performers arts -

Facebook musicians group -

Chock-A-Block Entertainment agency page -

AND finally be lucky, if your gig is outdoors and the sun is shining! GREAT.

If you are booked to play in Bolton and they finally get out from local restrictions! AMAZING.

Take care and hopefully we can all get back gigging safely and get back to a bit of normality.

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